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A good friend sent us Tommy Orange's novel after he heard about THERE THERE on the news. It was at the top of my list so getting it in the mail with a lovely inscription from our friend was a welcome surprise. I love reading this book. 

Another intuitive friend gave me LIVES OF THE MONSTER DOGS. She said it was wacky and I would enjoy it, and she's right. She gave it to me a few days after our family dog died, a sweet English bulldog named Roomba, so I am grateful to have more dogs running around in my imagination.

My agent's assistant named BROWN GIRL IN THE RING as a comp book for the novel I'm working on. We have it in our library so I started reading it the day I got my notes instead of cataloging a small mountain of books. The strong and steady voice was exactly what I needed to study in order to identify and correct my shortcomings with pacing. I'm an impatient writer and tend to rush through the action and relationship building. This book is teaching me how to slow down to better maintain an aura of strangeness.

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