Today is our last day of programs for FrankenRead 2018, Makara’s citywide reading initiative celebrating the 200th anniversary of FRANKENSTEIN. Since January, we’ve been running science and art programs and presentations, and gave out over 120 free copies of the novel to readers of all ages and reading levels. We did a circuit bending workshop (FrankenBent), a mending workshop (FrankenStitch), a live score (FrankenScore!), and a dozen other presentations and discussions without Frankenpuns about the novel and Mary Shelley. I look forward to a whole new slate of programming for 2019 but am grateful that we chose to focus on this novel and its offspring at the beginning stages of Makara. It gave us valuable insight into egomaniacs and mob mentalities. I love this quote in “What Frankenstein’s Monster Really Looks Like” by William Egginton:

“More important, Shelley’s monster lives on whenever those who are regarded as different refuse to comply with social contracts they had no part in creating.”

May we all embrace our monstrous nature.